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Placement service for internships

The real estate industry in Europe offers a great deal of opportunities. It could thus be of great importance to African real estate students to acquire valuable practical experience in Europe. Furthermore, African real estate students can build their own networks and strengthen the real estate industry gap between African countries and Europe.

The IREBS Foundation for African Real Estate Research supports African real estate studens to find companies which offer internships. In the past, two studens received the opportunity to work in well-known real estate companies.

In cooperation with Tishman Speyer the IRE|BS Foundation for African Real Estate Research addressed the brightest and most talented students across Africa to apply for the new Work Experience Program at Tishman Speyer in London. In 2011, Frank Nyanda, a student from Ardhi University in Dar es Salaam, convinced both the foundation and Tishman Speyer to give him the opportunity for the Summer Internship.

In 2013, Art-Invest Real Estate also offered a summer internship in Cologne, Germany. The internship was designed to get detailed insight into the different fields of Portfolio and Investment Management. Akua Koranteng from South Africa was given the experience to understand the fundamental issues across the different aspects of the fields.

In 2015, Mercy Yeboah and Edward Osei from Kumasi, Ghana were given the opportunity to attend a summer internship at the leading real estate investment company Jamestown in Atlanta, Georgia.

Job Description Jamestown 2015

Internship Report Frank Nyanda

Internship Report Akua Koranteng

Internship Report Edward Osei

Internship Report Mercy Yeboah