IRE|BS Foundation for African Real Estate Research


Our mission is to foster research on African real estate, especially by nurturing the talent, motivation and knowledge of African researchers and practitioners and by supporting African universities and research institutions.


We hope to achieve this by initiating and maintaining mainly the following activities:

  • travel grants for the participation of African researchers in conferences organized by societies within the International Real Estate Society (IRES)
  • supporting PhD and Master students
  • funding of Best Paper Awards at AfRES conferences
  • supporting the Journal of African Real Estate Research
  • supporting the establishment and development of real estate departments at African universities. The IREBS Foundation has given financial and consulting support to EiABC (University of Addis Ababa) for the establishment of an executive real estate master program. Ardhi University in Dar es Salaam has received books, journals and other teaching and learning aids for the development of its Bachelor and Master programs.
  • funding the transportation of books, journals and other teaching and learning aids to real estate departments at African universities
  • funding of research studies for African academics. Mainly PhD students can apply for funding of field work and of research stays at IREBS or partnering universities. Samwel Alananga, Emmanuel Kofi Gavu and Lewis Abedi Asante have received financial support for empirical research.
  • placement service for internships

Areas of action



The IREBS Foundation for Real Estate Research is very proud to have received the highest award for real estate institutions, the IRES Corporate Leadership Award.