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Aim - Most research on African real estate remains unpublished as yet, due to a shortage of media willing to publish related content. And while there has been more and more literature on African Real Estate topics, it remains hard to find. AfRER serves as a platform for high-quality publications on Africa-related real estate issues. We thus intend to upload papers, reports and dissertations that comply with our scientific standards.* Please send your research in doc-format as well as information on yourself to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Dr. Steen Rothenberger

Dr. Moses Kusiluka

Dr. Sophia Kongela



IRE|BS/AfRER Master Theses

Introduction of REITs in East African Financial Markets (Dominik Bünten, 2014)

Investment Strategies of South African Real Estate Companies in Sub-Saharan Africa (Dennis Kaschinski, 2014)

Drivers and Constraints of the Competitive Advantage in Real Estate - A Framework for Africa (Jonas Hahn, 2014)

Requirements for Real Estate Related Financing in Selected African Markets (Sandra Markert, 2014) (won the Ingeborg Warschke Promotional Prize for Young Women in Real Estate)

The Housing Gap in Africa: How can financial markets promote real estate investments to support the housing industry? (Florian Scherbaum, 2015)

Development of Retail Properties in Sub-Saharan Africa: The impact of the rising prosperity across the continent on retail investments (Christian Loy, 2016)

Maturity of the Property Market Dar es Salaam in context of the requirements of International Investors (Marcus Franke, 2016)

Green building certification in Sub-Saharan Africa - An elaboration of sustainable rating criteria (Marius Sachs, 2016)

Sustainable Construction in South Africa (Miriam Fischerbauer, 2016)

The concept of maturity in property markets: A comparative evaluation of East African countries (Felix Buchner, 2018)



IRE|BS/AfRER Bachelor-Theses

Assessment of the Real Estate Sector and Markets in Namibia


Other AfRER Publications:

Börsen-Zeitung, Karl-Werner Schulte, Afrika bietet Stabilität und großes Potenzial

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Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Investieren in Afrika

Bilfinger Real Estate, Bilfinger Real Estate Journal 2013


PhD Thesises from other universities


Master & Bachelor Thesises from other universities


Research Papers and Presentations from other individuals

Olaseni Olu Tokunboh, Aibinuomo Iyiade, Agbato Samson_Client’s Perceptions of Valuation Reports in Nigeria

Anthony Owusu-Ansah_Examination of the Determinants of Housing Values in Urban Ghana and Implications for Policy Makers

Dr. Wilfred K. Anim-Odame Compulsory Acquisition and Compensation in Ghana - principles and practices

Joseph Yacim Awaomim - Effects of Abandoned Open - Mine Pits on Property Values in Dorowa, Nigeria

Olaseni Olu Tokunboh, Iyiade Aibinu, Sam Agbato_Corporate Real Estate Development in Nigeria

Oludare Israel Makinde & Ola O. Tokunboh_Impact of Water View on Residential Properties House Pricing

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Harvard Business School (2013): Redefining Africa: The Emergence of a New African Story

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Kusiluka, Moses Mpogole/Kongela, Sophia (2009): Prospects for Sustainable Construction Practices in Tanzania

Kusiluka, Moses Mpogole/Kongela, Sophia et al. (2010): The negative impact of land acquisition on indigenous communities' livelihood and environment in Tanzania

Owusu-Ansah, A. (2012): Measuring and understanding the house price dynamics of the Aberdeen housing market

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Alalanga Sanga, S. (2017): The Impact of Traditional House-type on Rental Values in Kinondoni Municipality Dar es Salaam Tanzania